Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to The Bird Station!


I'm new to the whole blogging world so bear with me as this space takes shape.

My name is Chris and I'm just a guy with a "Bird Cam" and quite a bit of free time. I've always had a fascination with the natural world and over the years I have focused on the variety of winged creatures that surround us daily whether we live in the city or the country. I have lived in both places in my life. Currently, I live in Madison CT. We have a lovely wooded neighborhood that abuts a large swath of the Cockaponsett State forest, so we have quite a large and varied assortment of resident birds. Not to mention deer, foxes, raccoons, chipmunks, rabbits, fishers and the odd coyote (thankfully, for the domestic dog and cat residents coyotes are still quite rare)

In this space I hope to share with you the beauty and variety of birds and other wildlife with which I am fortunate enough to share my little piece of the world. I hope you will enjoy!

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